BIKECAMP TRAVEL | Cervélo bikes on tour!

Founded in 2014, Bikecamp has it´s home in Mallorca, one of Spain’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan islands.


Now almost 6 years later, we continue our mission of organizing and celebrating rides and events for passionate cyclist from all over the World.  


With 3 bases in Mallorca, we continue to work with great people and athletes all of us striving to create and offer an unforgettable experience in the incredible surrounding and cycling scenario Mallorca has to offer, whether the ride is short or long.


We also focus on exceptional food and showing some of the cultural gems hidden across the island.  Our many years of permanent residence on Mallorca, allows us to share places and locations that no other operator can do, it  all transcends into special moments to bring back home both on and off the bike while.


Finally, our close partnership with Cervélo, ensures you of riding on one off  if not the best bike currently available on the market.  We proudly share and carry the amazing and on going story of Cervélo from it´s beginning of the mid 90s until today.